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Small Appliance

Electronic appliances have higher profit margins than consumer products generally. Cool and unique designs are a good marketing strategy to appeal to consumers.

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Speaker & Headphone

Adding your logo, using unique patterns, or designing your own packaging are common ways of customization. Remember to meet the regulations like FCC, CE, ROHS.

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Computer & Accessories

The computer industry is mainly concentrated in China’s southern areas like Guangdong province. We help you find different suppliers of computers and accessories there.

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Phone & Accessories

Smartphones are essential for consumers in the world, which increases the demand for phone accessories. It can be a competitive and also profitable business.

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GPS Device

Major products are GPS trackers, device holders, etc. The devices require licenses like WPC and BIS.

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Electronic Components

The components mainly include conductive slip rings, semiconductor laser diode, capacitor, fuses tubes.

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