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Paper Box 1 200x200

Paper Packaging

The price of our custom paper packaging will be lower than your local packaging factory’s. They’re made of ordinary paperboard. They can be designed in variable shapes and patterns inside & outside.

Glass Packaging4 1 200x200

Glass Packaging

Many industries require glass packaging for their products, such as the beverage or food industry. We help you to customize different types of glass containers like bottles, jars, flasks, tins, etc.

Plastic Packaging 1 200x200

Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging is used in a wide range of products. There are many forms of plastic packaging, which can be rigid or flexible. PET is a common plastic for packaging. It’s recyclable and BPA-free.

Metal Packaging 200x200

Metal Packaging

Aluminum, tinplate, and stainless steel are the main materials for metal packaging. They’re good for preserving a food or cosmetic product. They’re usually made into cans, tubes, boxes, trays, etc.

Paper Packaging1 200x200

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cartons are made up of a few layers of material rather than just a single sheet like cardboard. Thus, They’re often stronger and more durable for packing, shipping, and storing industrial parts.

Gift Boxes 200x200

Exquisite Gift Box

These gift boxes are made of expensive cardboard with multiple inserts inside and processed with more complicated printing techniques. It’s available for high-end products like wine, jewelry, etc.

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