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Pet Toys

Toys for pets are always in high demand. All types of our pet toys are produced in hypoallergenic materials, safe for pets’ health.

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Grooming Tools

Gloves, shower heads, toothbrushes, combs, paw cleaners, and more are common supplies for pet grooming.

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Pet Accessories

We’ve sourced and customized types of pet beds, carriers, wearing, feeding bowls, etc. Our products are all certified based on different countries’ policies.

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Collar & Harness

Collars and harnesses are must-have parts for pets to go out. The main materials in production are leather, nylon, canvas, and other water-repellent fabrics.

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Pet Beds

Choosing comfortable and durable pet bed materials is a crucial consideration for pet owners. The commonly-used materials include faux fur, polyester, cotton, plush, leather, etc.

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Pet Carriers

Pet owners prefer to take their dogs or cats out of the house. In that case, a safe pet transportation solution is vital. Products like comfy car seats for dogs, and cat backpacks are all in high demand.

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