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As a China sourcing agent company with 10 years of experience, Eaglysourcing has assisted over 4000 clients in establishing their Chinese supply chains, helping their businesses grow step by step.

Pro Plan

We will conduct a comprehensive assessment to find you a suitable manufacturer in China, based on your required product, to obtain quotations. Once you confirm the quotation and samples, we will place the mass production with the factory. We are responsible for a series of quality inspections of the products and will arrange for the goods to be shipped to your destination country.
Eaglysourcing ensures product quality and provides free replacement or compensation to you if any quality issues should arise.

Service fee: $0. All costs are included in the product quotation

China sourcing agent service
China sourcing agent service

Basic Plan

If you plan to use your own supplier, we will collaborate with them to monitor the progress of the goods and ensure they meet your requirements. After the completion of the goods, we will conduct a quality inspection and ship the qualified goods to your destination country.

Service Fee: 5% of the product value, with a minimum fee of $100.

Pro Plan vs Basic Plan

 Pro PlanBasic Plan
Product supplierOur suppliersYour suppliers
Service fee$05%
Order follow-up
Quality inspectionAQL 2.5AQL 2.5
Quality guarantee×
Free warehousing2 months1 month
Free photography×

How to Use Our Service

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Step 1: Submit an inquiry, and our customer support team will match you with a professional agent.

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Step 2: Get a free quotation from JingSourcing and compare it with any existing quotes from your own supplier.

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Step 3: We integrate all supplier resources, send you samples, and provide follow-up on production progress.

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Step 4: We conduct thorough quality inspections of your products at our warehouses and arrange shipments.

How We Stand Out from Other Sourcing Agents

1. How does EAGLY SOURICNG ensure the reliability of the factories you work with?

We will review the factory’s qualifications, including its registered capital, history of disputes with clients (involving product quality, delivery time, property disputes, etc.), level of cooperation, market reputation, and, if necessary, assign a dedicated individual to conduct an on-site assessment of the factory. After comprehensive evaluation and ensuring that all conditions meet our requirements, only then do we choose the factory.

We can provide product samples, and the client is responsible for sample fees.

Initially, we draft the order contract through our company lawyer, which includes product requirements, delivery terms, breach of contract responsibilities, etc. Depending on the situation, we conduct quality inspections of the goods during and after production. If any products are found to be non-compliant, we require the factory to rework the products according to the contract until they meet the requirements.

We can manage the transportation of the goods, and we can generally deliver to most countries. We have UPS, FedEx, DHL, and for some countries, we also offer door-to-door sea freight (including customs clearance and taxes in the destination country) and air freight (including customs clearance and taxes in the destination country).

From a product perspective: If the chosen factory has stock, we can immediately ship the goods. If the selected item is not in stock, the factory needs to produce the goods. Regarding delivery time, it depends on the negotiation with the factory.

From a logistics perspective: Generally, deliveries to the United States take about 3-10 days by air or express, to Europe approximately 5-15 days (except remote areas), to the Middle East around 7-15 days, and to Africa approximately 7-15 days. If shipping by sea, the situation is more complicated and requires specific analysis.

We primarily communicate with clients in English, enabling seamless written and verbal communication. With domestic factories, we mainly use Chinese for communication and can promptly provide you with updates on the situations with these manufacturers.

In our quotations, we typically cover all costs, so there is no need for concern.

Absolutely, we can accommodate product customization or private labeling if requested.

Upon client request, we can sign agreements regarding intellectual property protection and confidentiality. When placing orders with factories, our lawyers also include clauses related to intellectual property protection and confidentiality in the contract to ensure the client’s rights are safeguarded.

Firstly, with 10 years of experience, we negotiate with factories to secure the best prices and ensure quality control. Additionally, we can deliver to all countries, and for most nations, we offer customs clearance services. For clients without import experience, we provide a one-stop solution for all their importing needs.

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