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China sourcing agent service-eagly sourcing-Heavy Duty Truck

Heavy Duty Truck

For heavy duty trucks, the factory we mainly cooperate with is Sinotruk, which can customize the vehicle according to your needs, and some vehicles are in stock.

China sourcing agent service-eagly sourcing-Medium And Light Truck

Medium And Light Truck

Regarding medium and light trucks, we mainly work with Sinotruk, Dongfeng, and Shacman to match the optimal cost-effective parameters according to customer needs.

China sourcing agent service-eagly sourcing-All Kinds Of Truck Spare Parts

All kinds Of Truck Spare Parts

We can provide most brands of truck spare parts, such as Sinotruk, Jac, Dongfeng, Shacman, original or other brand good quality spare parts according to the truck Vin NO. Or spare parts No.

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